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It’s easier than you think to save energy AND save on your energy bills. TakeCharge West Virginia brings together all the energy efficiency initiatives Appalachian Power has to offer in one convenient place. Explore the site to find rebate offers on energy-saving appliances, smart devices and more. Learn about energy efficiency and enroll in programs to help your home or business save money while maintaining a more comfortable environment — and helping the planet.

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Enrolling in a residential program can help you save money on your energy bill and make your home more comfortable and efficient.

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Use Less, Save More

When it comes to your energy usage, knowledge is power. Learn more about energy and how you use it in order to take an active role in managing it... which in turn can save you money on your next power bill.

Did you know that your power bill is based directly on how many kilowatt-hours you use every month? But what exactly is a kilowatt-hour, and how can you measure what your appliances use? Visit our new Bright Ideas page to understand how simple habit changes, easy home improvements and smart buying can make a difference.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question for Appalachian Power? We may already have the answer. Here are a few of the most common, or click the button below to view all FAQs.

What is Home Performance?

Home Performance is a program that allows homeowners to work toward a score of 10 for their home at their own pace. Customers earn rebates on qualified energy efficiency upgrades and can re-engage with the program as many times as needed to achieve their home’s best possible Home Performance.

Who is eligible for Home Performance?

Home Performance is available to single-family homeowners served by Appalachian Power West Virginia. All owner occupied, single-family residential detached home customers, including mobile homes and duplexes, or single-family non-owner occupied residential detached homes where the electrical service is in the occupant’s name and with a signed agreement to participate from the owner. Town homes, apartments and commercial customers are not eligible. Homes that are not all electric can receive an assessment, but they do not qualify for a rebate if additional measures are installed.

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If you have questions on energy efficiency or how TakeCharge West Virginia can help you upgrade your home or business, reach out today.

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