What’s Your Energy Efficiency IQ?

Understanding your energy usage and where you can be more efficient is a major step toward lowering your energy bill. Test your knowledge with our quiz!

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1. What is a benefit of using smart power strips?

Correct!Incorrect! Many electronic devices will continue to draw power if plugged in, even when not in use. A smart power strip at home can better control your appliance's energy usage by shutting off power to devices in standby mode.

2. Which is not an effective way to save energy while spring cleaning?

Correct!Incorrect! Using the low heat dryer setting can prevent over-drying -- keeping your clothes in good condition while reducing your energy use. Remember to consistently clean the dryer lint trap after every cycle to ensure proper air circulation.

3. According to ENERGY STAR®, washing machines use how much of their energy heating the water?

Correct!Incorrect! Washing machines can use up to 90% of their energy by heating the water. You can save energy by washing your clothes in cold water. This also prevents shrinking and colors from fading!

4. What is the optimal temperature range to set your refrigerator?

Correct!Incorrect! Setting your refrigerator’s temperature between 35-38°F keeps your food fresh and provides increased energy savings.

5. What percentage of an annual residential energy bill goes to heating and cooling?

Correct!Incorrect! Over half the annual utility bill can be spent on heating and cooling alone. By upgrading to a smart thermostat, you can better control your home's temperature and put money back into your pocket.

6. Which at-home appliance uses the most amount of energy?

Correct!Incorrect! Water heaters typically make up for 20% of a home’s energy consumption. Slightly lowering your water heater temperature (the U.S. Department of Energy suggests 120°F) can decrease energy use. Also, inspect your water heater regularly to check for leaks or damage.

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Do you want to improve the energy efficiency of your home, but don’t know where to start? We can help! Take a look through the TakeCharge website to explore the programs and tips available. We’ll turn you into an expert in no time!

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