Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Incentives

Why spend more than you need to?

Did you know that lighting alone can contribute to almost 40 percent of your energy costs? As a business owner, you look for investments with an attractive rate of return. Energy-efficient lighting is such an investment.

Appalachian Power's Commercial & Industrial Program offers cash incentives to retrofit or replace lighting throughout your facility with energy-efficient options that offer immediate energy savings and improve overall lighting quality.

Other benefits include:

  • Earn cash incentives and reduce investment payback time. Appalachian Power offers a cash incentive of $0.06/kWh to help offset the cost of upgrades.
  • Lower electric bills. LEDs offer up to 50 percent savings in energy costs over standard HID lighting. Fluorescent retrofits can save 25 percent or more energy use.
  • Reduced maintenance. New lamps and ballasts are rated to last thousands of hours longer than older technology, which reduces maintenance costs and time spent changing lamps and ballasts.
  • Improved working environment. Lighting upgrades increase occupant comfort and safety, which can lead to better workplace productivity and increased sales.
  • More retail sales. Let your facility and merchandise shine

Brighten your bottom line

Whether you're building a new facility or upgrading an existing one, lighting efficiency upgrades can dramatically impact your bottom line. Lighting incentives are available for:

  • Linear fluorescent retrofits
  • Energy-efficient exterior lighting
  • Lighting controls (occupancy and daylight)
  • LED signage

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