Bright Ideas Tips

Simple habit changes, easy home improvements and smart buying can make a difference -- saving you both energy AND money. Look below for additional tips on how to use less and save more.


Warm up to savings!

Turn down your thermostat while you sleep and save up to 10%!

Bright Idea: Use an ENERGY STAR®-certified smart thermostat to handle it automatically.


Don't waste on space!

Drying bulky clothing this time of year is a common occurrence.

Bright Idea: Switch your laundry while the dryer is still warm. Its ambient heat can save you time and money!


Prevent the cold water blues!

Check your hot water heater and pipes to maintain water temperature and save energy.

Bright Idea: Insulate hot water pipes and upgrade to an ENERGY STAR®-certified water heater!


Warm up and save!

Did you know HVAC systems use forced air to circulate heat?

Bright Idea: Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan to help circulate warm your room faster and save you energy!


Don’t wash away savings!

Did you know that up to 90% of energy used in a washing machine is to heat water?

Bright Idea: Wash clothes in cold water to save energy and money!


Shine bright with energy savings!

Lighting accounts for roughly 15% of a home's energy use.

Bright Idea: Use natural lighting as much as possible, and LED bulbs when needed.


Ready for warmer weather?

Despite its name, a heat pump can cool as well as it heats!

Bright Idea: Set to “heat” or “cool” to avoid increasing energy usage.


Savings are nothing to sneeze at!

Air purifiers can be essential in the spring, especially for anyone with seasonal allergies.

Bright Idea: ENERGY STAR®-certified purifiers are up to 25% more efficient than standard models.


Beat the peak!

Electricity rates can change based on time of day.

Bright Idea: Shift high-demand appliance usage to off-peak hours to save!


Eliminate phantom energy!

Power strips come in handy when using multiple devices.

Bright Idea: Use smart power strips to eliminate phantom - or standby - energy usage.