Bright Ideas Tips

Simple habit changes, easy home improvements and smart buying can make a difference -- saving you both energy AND money. Look below for additional tips on how to use less and save more.


Drafts can be found in surprising places -- not just windows and doors!

Did you know cool air can leak into your home through light switches and outlets?

Bright Idea: Install outlet and switch gaskets under your covers to seal these areas!


Think using a space heater is less costly than a heat pump during the winter months?

You need to consider many factors, including time of use, size of space, safety of the unit, and more.

Bright Idea: Research to learn more and calculate cost using the formula outlined here. (One average space heater running only 8 hours a day could cost you more than $57 a month!)


Need more light this winter?

Start the new year off bright!

Bright Idea: When buying new lightbulbs, try LEDs. They last longer and help you save!


Need a new appliance?

Choose ENERGY STAR® to save energy and money!

Bright Idea: Check for additional discounts at your local retailers to save even more.


Energy use can spike in the winter when we spend more time indoors.

Did you know electronics, even when turned off, can still draw power?

Bright Idea: Try unplugging TVs, gaming consoles or appliances during the day to to reduce phantom energy and save!