Smarter Home: Electric Vehicle Charging

Learn how Level 2 electric vehicle charging is a smart choice for your smart home.


Electric vehicles are proving to be a smarter choice every day, but they become even smarter with Level 2 home chargers. Level 2 home chargers allow you to charge your vehicle five times faster on average than Level 1 charging. In fact, Level 2 chargers can add 25 miles of range per hour of charging, so you can add hundreds of miles of range overnight.

Level 2 chargers are powered by a 240-volt outlet instead of a standard 120-volt outlet. However, 240-volt outlets probably aren't new to your home. Electric appliances, such as clothes dryers and ranges, use 240 volts as well.

Most electric vehicle chargers use smart technology to optimize charging your vehicle and reduce the power load on your home and the grid. They're even able to account for time-based rates, if you have them, and delay charging until energy is most affordable. Plus, what's smarter than waking up with a charged vehicle every morning without having to stress about stopping at a gas station because of an empty tank?

Maximize the smart in your smart home with a Level 2 electric vehicle charging station.