Save with Rebates on Smart Thermostats and More Energy-Saving Appliances

With generous rebates on several ENERGY STAR® certified appliances, Appalachian Power is here to help make upgrading your appliances easy by lowering the cost of becoming more efficient.


Whether you’re looking to prep your meals more efficiently with a new fridge or freezer or want to add comfort throughout your home with a smart thermostat, we’re here to give you rebates and advice every step of the way.

Start Saving

Ready to make your daily routines more efficient? Appalachian Power has you covered.

Available rebates* include:

  • $50 on smart thermostats
  • $50 on refrigerators
  • $50 on room air purifiers
  • $25 on freezers
  • $25 on dehumidifiers
  • $25 on ventilation fans

*Appliances must be ENERGY STAR certified.

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