Home Appliances: Take an ENERGY STAR Turn

Shopping for new appliances? Look for the ENERGY STAR® label. They cost less to operate than standard models.


Household appliances account for nearly 30% of total home energy use. Upgrading to new, high-efficiency models can really cut your energy costs. When you're out shopping, look for the ENERGY STAR® label. ENERGY STAR models include advanced design features so that they use less energy while still providing the same level of performance.

Water dispenser

Installed in businesses and homes across the country, water dispensers provide a convenient way to quench your thirst, make your hot tea, and enjoy small talk with your colleagues or family members. ENERGY STAR® certified water coolers use about 22 percent less energy than conventional models. This difference could amount to an energy savings of more than $95 over the life of the unit. Appalachian Power offers a $25 Rebate when you buy a water dispenser for quick and easy access to water at any time!

Vent fan

Removing humidity and stale air using an energy-efficient bathroom exhaust fan means your home will be more comfortable and efficient. Older fans are loud and waste energy. ENERGY STAR® certified ventilation fans use 50% less energy that standard models, while offering quieter operation. Replacing an old fan makes sense and can earn you $25 cash back from Appalachian Power!


Whether you're the type of person who always buys in bulk or you're just looking for a little extra storage for frozen treats, a standalone freezer is a good option to supplement your food storage space. As you shop for a new freezer, keep in mind that ENERGY STAR® models are at least 10% more efficient. If you are replacing your old freezer or purchasing a new model, don’t forget to cash in on a $25 rebate from Appalachian Power!