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EeScore™ Program

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eScore™ is a new program designed to help you save money and increase the comfort in your home!

The eScore program is designed to give you an easy pathway to an energy efficient home. An eScore Energy Advisor will visit your home to perform an energy assessment at no cost to identify and score key areas of your home based on a 0-10 energy efficiency scale. A score of 10 means you’ve reached max efficiency!

Scores are combined into a report (your eScore™) and if needed, upgrade recommendations are incorporated to increase your home’s energy efficiency until a max score of 10 is received.

Once your energy advisor reviews your upgrade recommendations, you will need to contact a Quality Contractor Network (QCN) member to begin the work you want done. Click here for list of QCN members in West Virginia. Any rebate-eligible improvements must be performed by a QCN member, who must also submit the rebate on your behalf. Don't see your contractor listed? Click here to find out how to have a contractor added to our QCN.
  • Air Sealing - Check caulking, weather stripping and other drafty cracks that can cause energy loss.
  • Attic Insulation - Evaluate the R-value and effectiveness of attic insulation.
  • Duct System - Inspect for leaks, inefficient installation or undersized ductwork.
  • Lighting - Evaluate how lighting could be more efficient.
  • Heating/Cooling System - Determine if the HVAC system is the most efficient for the size of your home.
  • Appliances/Electronics - Check that appliances and electronics are drawing energy in the most efficient way. Save even more when you apply for rebates through our Efficient Products Program.
  • Water Heater - Inspect the water heating system for age, insulation and efficiency.
  • Refrigerator - Evaluate the energy consumption of the one appliance that typically draws the most power.
  • Windows and Doors - Inspect doors and windows for energy loss.
  • Wall Insulation - Determine if walls are adequately insulated.
  • Peak Reduction - Verify that you’re reducing demand during peak usage periods with our Residential Peak Reduction Program. Participants receive up to $40 each year by participating in the Residential Peak Reduction Program!

Plus, some of your home upgrades could qualify for additional rebates!

  • Homeowner Upgrade Rebate*
  • Attic insulation (up to $500)
  • Air sealing (up to $250)
  • Duct sealing (existing HVAC only, up to $300)
  • Peak reduction (up to $40 a year)
  • Mini split ductless 19-SEER (up to $750)
  • Smart thermostat* ($50 per thermostat)
  • Heat pump - ducted system, non-ducted system or with desuperheater* (up to $600)
  • Tune-up for existing central heat pump or A/C system ($50)
  • High efficiency furnace fan motor ($75 per motor)

*Must meet ENERGY STAR® requirements.

**Any rebate-eligible improvements must be performed by a member of our Quality Contractor Network (QCN), who must also submit the rebate on your behalf.

Get started today! Find a contractor through our Quality Contractor Network (QCN) to perform rebate-eligible improvements and submit any rebates on your behalf. Don't see your contractor listed? Click here to find out how have a contractor added to our QCN. Click here to find to available eScore rebates.

To learn more and schedule your eScore Home Assessment, visit the online eScore portal or call 888-261-4567.

Schedule Your eScore Visit Now!

Do you want to learn more about an eScore assessment? Listen to a real eScore experience from an Appalachian Power customer.