Low income multifamily Program

The Low Income Multifamily Program reduces energy consumption by educating residential customers about the energy and money saving benefits associated with energy efficiency in the home. The program targets opportunities that are proven to save energy, reduce consumption, and protect the health and safety of occupants while helping to lower their electric bills.

Eligible upgrades may include:

  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Electric water heating measures
  • Appliance upgrades
  • HVAC replacement and maintenance

The program targets individually metered multifamily dwellings within Appalachian Power’s West Virginia territory. Eligible participants and properties are identified and qualified through the following processes:

  • A minimum of 66% (50% for any buildings under 5 units) of the dwelling units in the building are occupied by a family unit whose annual gross household income from all sources does not exceed 200% of OMB poverty guidelines per household family size.
  • The applicant has received cash assistance payments under Title IV of XVI of the Social Security Act during the preceding twelve months.
  • The HUD-DOE approved multifamily list

To learn more about the program or to see if your property qualifies, please contact Community Housing Partners at 540-381-9446 or fill out the form below: