Energy Efficiency Incentives for K-12 Schools

Appalachian Power's Commercial and Industrial Program helps you manage the cost of energy saving upgrades so you can reduce energy use and lower your energy bills. Incentives ranging from $0.04 to $0.12 per kWh saved are available for interior and exterior lighting, HVAC systems, food service equipment and more.

Light your school for less, inside out

In most K-12 schools, efficient lighting technologies can reduce energy costs by about 30 percent. Switching to high efficiency occupancy sensors and other lighting technologies will cut energy costs, while providing well-lit environments that help students and teachers focus on their work.

Breathe easy with HVAC upgrades

If your school district is like most, it spends nearly half its energy budget on heating, ventilation and cooling. Upgrading these systems - heat pumps, air conditioners, water heaters, chillers, automatic controls and other HVAC equipment - to higher energy efficiency will quickly reduce your energy costs while enhancing indoor air quality.

Save on food service

When you invest in ENERGY STAR® commercial kitchen and food preparation equipment, you'll achieve significant energy savings in the long run. Since you serve thousands of lunches every day, you may want to upgrade to higher efficiency models and take advantage of incentives on ENERGY STAR refrigerators, freezers, ice machines, ovens, vending equipment controllers, etc. that are more efficient than standard models.

How will I benefit from an upgrade?

  • Cash incentives reduce upfront costs. Incentives of $0.06 per kWh to help with upfront costs of purchasing and installing energy efficient equipment.
  • Lower electric bills. Upgrading to high efficiency equipment and appliances reduces electric use, and thus your electric bills.
  • Improved learning environment. Increasing student and faculty comfort and safety with newer high efficiency systems can lead to better productivity and student success.

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