Custom Projects Save Big with Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Now is the time to reduce your business' operating costs by making smart investments in energy efficiency. You can earn incentives for custom projects from Appalachian Power's Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Program. These cash incentives will offset the costs of purchasing energy efficient equipment, building upgrades, and implementing process improvements that reduce energy consumption and peak demand that aren't covered under the prescriptive project types.

How will I benefit?

The C&I Program will help you:

  • Improve the efficiency and performance of your facility
  • Achieve significant, long-term energy savings
  • Earn incentives to help offset the cost of energy efficient upgrades

What rebates are available for custom projects?

Customers can receive an incentive of $0.07 per kWh saved in the first year for qualifying designs or equipment that have been pre-approved by the Appalachian Power Program team. Appalachian Power will pay up to 50 percent of a project's incremental cost. Customers may be capped at $150,000 in total incentives per year, depending on availability of funds. Custom projects involve installing energy efficient systems in buildings under renovation, additions and new construction. Custom projects include energy efficiency upgrades not included in the standard program, and new buildings with more than one type of energy efficiency projects.

How does the Custom C&I Program work?

Once energy saving projects are identified, contact us to determine if you qualify for the program. We will quantify the potential savings and incentives available, and help you apply. Projects must be pre-approved before construction or installation to be eligible for an incentive.*

*Projects must have a minimum payback, based on electricity costs savings, of at least one year. All technologies are subject to eligibility and verification of savings projections. Incentives are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are contingent on Appalachian Power's review and acceptance of savings claims.

Can I apply after the project is complete?

No, custom projects require pre-approval. The applicant must contact us prior to installation to assist in identifying the annual kWh savings and rebate incentive amounts.

How do I apply?

  1. Design your efficient building or systems, or select your efficient equipment or systems. Contact us to make sure your design or equipment qualifies.
  2. Submit rebate application. BEFORE construction begins or equipment is installed. Projects must be pre-approved before you begin work.
  3. Confirm reserved funds. Appalachian Power will send you a letter of pre-approval that reserves your incentive dollars. You cannot proceed without this letter. You have 90 calendar days to install your projects or your funding reservation may expire.
  4. Complete Project. You complete the energy efficiency project installation by the specified date.
  5. Submit Final Application within 60 days of completion. Download, complete and submit the Rebate Application and Custom Project Worksheet.

How long will it take to get my rebate back?

Customers will be paid within 4-6 weeks of the final application's verification and approval.

I want to learn more. Whom do I contact?

We are happy to answer any of your questions and provide more information. Download the Custom Program Fact Sheet, or give us a call at 877-428-5427 or email